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 In the years just after Christ’s death, the church body was scattered across the nations as persecution grew.  Church leaders like Paul and Peter traveled to spread the Good News and encourage the believers.    When the apostles could not travel, they wrote letters, which were brought by others to the churches.  Wealthy women joined the effort. Historical documentation shows that women could bring the gospel into women's quarters where it would be inappropriate for the men to go. Women were often commended by Paul and  called fellow laborers.

Professional actor, Sharon Lumsden plays the part of one such woman, who travels to bring the message of James to a gathering of women.  She ties together the many seemingly fractured pieces through the use of a simple set and a few props.  The production begins with a prologue where the historical context of the book of James is set through the description of those attending a first century worship service.  Then the worship service begins with the LORD’s prayer and a few Old Testament verses.  The letter from James is opened and it quickly comes to life.  The word of the LORD will not come back void as every word spoken in the worship service is scripture directly quoted.  From Sunday morning worship to women’s bible studies, from home school co-ops to gatherings for the homeless, this is a great use of the arts to present scripture.  The performance is 40 minutes in length.

 Touring from Shoreline, WA
Now booking dates for Sept. 2019-June 2020!